What our members say

"JCI Manchester has been an excellent way for me to meet some of Manchester's brightest young talents from some of the city's biggest and best firms. The events are always well run and the atmosphere is fun and engaging, we have taken up a corporate membership this year and encourage all of our staff to attend events."

Carolos Oliviera
Managing Director, Shaping Cloud


"JCI has played an important part in moving my business forward, from the events that we attend and network at, to the experience offered to one of my team (who is on the JCI board). The board are all supportive and approachable, the events are all well thought out and useful  (and very well attended). JCI has a well-deserved great reputation in Manchester, and their support of local charities is hugely admirable".

Al Mackin
CEO The Eword


"It all comes down to the people who are involved. JCI Manchester is run by its members for its members, and its members are you and me; young professionals who work in the city. As a voluntary organisation, its very nature means that it attracts pro-active people, who are willing to put their own time and effort in to helping others, so you are always guaranteed to be surrounded by a room full of great people. Being involved with JCI Manchester is a classic case of the more you put in, the more you get out. Everyone has a lot to fit in their normal working week, but you don't have to commit yourself to attending every event, you just dip in as and when you can and there is a great balance of social, business and charity events, which all provide amazing opportunities to network, learn new skills, improve old ones and make loads of new contacts along the way. What also makes it different is that it's actually a global organisation, so there is even potential to build relationships with members from other countries and attend events in all corners of the world. Last year I attended an event in Brussels that attracted over 4000 members and I was talking to people from Australia, Syria and Africa! What other networking group provides that sort of opportunity?

I have got so much out of JCI Manchester since I joined in Nov 2011. First and foremost, moving to a new city and not knowing anyone at all, it gave me an instant group of like minded people to get involved with. A year and a half later I have met some amazing people who are now friends. On a professional level, I've gained business though it from meeting new contacts who have been able to introduce me to new clients. On a personal level, I'm a lot fitter! Having signed up for the tough mudder team this year and last, it means I've been training throughout that time with a great team who have kept me motivated on the dark and cold winter nights!

If you want to mix with a great group of people, you want to develop your professional skills, you want to raise your own profile amongst your peers, you enjoy socialising after work, and you like challenging yourself to get involved with new things and having a great laugh along the way, then you should definitely sign up!"

Glyn Jones
Contract Recovery