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1st Dec, 2015

The MYTAs: worth the hangover? Blog by Cube 3
by Bethany Livesey on December 1, 2015 10:41


Guest post by Cube 3 - Headline Sponsors of the Manchester Young Talent Awards 2015.

MYTA » Untitled folder » cube 3.jpg

The MYTAs: worth the hangover?

The dust has settled, and the dance offs, spontaneous acapellas and Oops Up Side Your Head are all just a hazy, yet totally brilliant memory. 

Sometimes, award dos can drag on, feel like money for old rope and sponsors and CEOs alike are left wondering, “What did we get out of that, apart from a hangover?”

For a company like Cube3, that’s all about delivering commercial growth, to choose to sponsor an event, it has to be right, it has to mean something, otherwise, what’s the point?

The MYTAs were definitely worth it.

As the 10 award winners were announced, and each person or team took to the stage, the talent, innovation and unfaltering drive to get results were a reflection on every business in the room, and on Manchester. Take Marc Yaffe for example, who had been nominated 10 times and finally took home the trophy. Or Kim Holden, the president of JCI who shared how not long ago, she couldn’t even imagine speaking in front of hundreds of people. And yet smashed it.

Now that epitomises Manchester’s true grit.

Outside of their brand, all businesses have to make them stand out, is their people. And at the end of the day they’re the ones who are going to deliver on the brand promise, to make it stand for something real. Those businesses that are going to win out over those that manipulate, or sell a myth, are those whose people share in the brand truth.

That’s why JCI stands out. It truly is developing Manchester’s future, by nurturing the thinkers, and the doers, the type of people at the Imperial War Museum last week.

So to JCI, thanks for letting us be part of something great.

Same again next year?

Cube 3

To view all the MYTA images and booth images from the evening visit the JCI Manchester Facebook page. Full list of finalists and winners can be viewed here. Stay tuned for the 2016 details coming soon! The image above is winning 'Team of the Year' Capital Properties and Cube 3 

MYTA » Untitled folder » Cube3-logo-01.jpg


MYTA » Untitled folder » winners.jpg

Congratulations to all winners including, 'Team of the Year' top image and individual winners below. 

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27th May, 2015

100 x 100 Charity Challenge
by Bethany Livesey on May 27, 2015 11:59


JCI is turning 100 this year and to celebrate JCI Manchester is bringing you a section of fantastic events.


For those of you who don't know, JCI is a global organisation of 200,000 young active professionsals that grew out of the vision of one man nearly 100 years ago. Founded in 1915 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA by Henry Giessenbier Jr, the movement of taking local action for global impact spread across borders before eventually becoming an international organisation in 1944.


Since then, JCI members around the globe have collaborated on projects ranging from assisting refugees, providing medical care, advancing education and promoting equality. Young members continue to fuel the JCI movement and take grassroots action for positive change sustaining a legacy of impact. JCI Manchester is no exception to this


As part of a fabulous year of charity fundraising events, you can join JCI Manchester in celebrating the 100 year anniversary by taking part in our JCI 100 x 100 Workout Challenge. 


'100!' we hear you say?!? Yes, the challenge will see 100 people, doing 100 different exercises, in 45 minutes. Nothing too strenuous, but certainly a fun and exhilarating challenge! Do not fear it’s a body weight only class suitable for all fitness levels, so there is no need to be Usain Bolt to succeed here! The event will be provided by the expert fitness trainers at Pro-Fit21.


The evening will help to raise funds for our nominated charities; Action Against Hunger, Challenge 4 Change and Medequip 4 Kids. Plus, as with any JCI Manchester event it is a chance to have great fun with like minded people.


Following the workout there will opportunity to take part in other activities such as a 3 minute round of Fury5, a Fit4Fives Skills challenge, a Plank Challenge, a Cross Bar Challenge, Hoopla, Giant JENGA and of course plenty of time to network and share a drink or two (beer or a protein shake, whatever your tipple).


A challenge wouldn't be a challenge without a winner.... there will also be a prize (glory and a cracking certificate) for the winner of giant JENGA. Yes, that's correct, you can be crowned JCI JENGA CHAMPION. Now that is a title for your LinkedIn profile!



JCI Sport Images


The event will take place at Soccer in the City, Manchester on Monday 6th July from 6.30 pm to 9 pm and only costs £10 per person.

Challenge your friends, colleagues and family to take part in what is set to be a fantastic fun evening of fitness and fundraising.(wow that's a lot of F's!).

For more information please contact the team via email at

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11th May, 2015

Corporate Member Spotlight: Eclectic Hotels
by Bethany Livesey on May 11, 2015 15:42


Supporting JCI Manchester » Eclectic logo.jpg

Owned and designed by Eamonn and Sally OLoughlin, Eclectic Hotels boasts four properties within and close to Central Manchester, with a fifth, King Street Townhouse, due to open its doors this summer.  Each hotel is individually styled with interiors that both reflect and celebrate the buildings history and its surroundings with each bedroom having a personality of its own, giving the guest a unique experience every visit.

Great John Street hotel is a converted Victorian school that has been transformed into a luxury townhouse hotel. Tucked away but absolutely in the heart of the city, Great John Street is both old-style charm and elegance. The unique atmosphere may charm and bewitch you from the moment you step inside, with the pewter bar, striking overhead chandelier and deep comfy sofas and armchairs, alongside 30 individually designed bedrooms and suites. There are a variety of room and terrace combinations to hire for exclusive events and weddings that can be tailored to suit individual needs with a south-facing rooftop terrace that provides a glamorous setting with scenic skyline views.

Didsbury House and Eleven Didsbury Park are beautiful Victorian villas situated in Manchesters cosmopolitan Didsbury area. Rich in history with carefully selected furnishings and decor, Didsbury House provides the perfect venue for a range of exclusive events such as weddings, Summer BBQs, client entertainment dinners and family celebrations. With its well appointed Blue Lounge and Gold Lounge which exudes character and warmth and a total of 27 bedrooms and suites offering comfort and style. Just a short walk away is Eleven Didsbury Park, a 20 bedroom Victorian home from home with a picture-perfect walled garden and covered terrace. A statement of Eclectic design, Eleven Didsbury Park provides an idyllic haven where you can enjoy spending time with loved ones.

King Street Townhouse is the most recent addition to the Eclectic portfolio. A baby grand hotel that will include 40 bedrooms and suites, King Street Tavern (bar, restaurant and wine cellars), afternoon tea rooms, conferencing and event space and available to guests of the hotel there will also be a residents gym and treatment rooms. Amongst the most distinctive features to the new hotel will be a south facing rooftop infinity spa pool, with views of the spires and clock tower of Manchesters iconic town hall. The hotel will also have a separate south facing roof terrace available for private hire.

Eclectic Hotels also operate On The 7th; a sleek and exclusive private members lounge in the heart of MediaCityUK. The waterfront location is designed in the iconic Eclectic style and provides a range of flexible spaces for meetings, conferences, events and wedding celebrations, with panoramic views, a lavish bar and sumptuous surroundings.

Since becoming members of JCI it has opened up doors for us at Eclectic Hotels, to other Manchester based businesses and allowed us to form relationships with the future generations of growing companies. We have the opportunity to network with like minded people, share ideas and both give and ask for advice from a wide variety of industry sectors. As well as the chance to be more involved in the events such as hosting the Christmas social and supporting the three JCI charities.

Visit to learn more. 

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24th Apr, 2015

By Alex Swallow, Director of Resonate Connect and National JCI TOYP Awardee 2014.

Blog » Community projects » Alex new profile pic.jpgOn Wednesday the 29th of April Resonate Connect is launching in Manchester Cathedral

The event is totally free to attend, Sir Howard Bernstein is the keynote speaker and there will be plenty of opportunity to network with other Greater Manchester business leaders (as well as a free  bar).

We are looking for representatives of businesses across Greater Manchester to attend- the sign up form is on the event page

Resonate is a free platform matching skilled volunteers to Good Causes. I have a background in the charity sector, including as the Chief Executive of the Small Charities Coalition and I know the importance of getting the right skills into voluntary sector organisations. Sometimes smaller charities can’t afford to pay for a staff member with the right expertise or they need a piece of help with a specialist issue. Getting in a skilled volunteer to help them out can make a huge difference to the long-term health of their charity and the quality of the service they are able to provide to the sometimes vulnerable groups that rely on their support.

As a National TOYP Winner last year I know the power JCI has to make positive change in the world.

Please support the Resonate Connect launch event by sharing the link with your business connections across Greater Manchester and encouraging them to attend

Please  also look out for the #EthicalManchester hashtag for the event, across social media and follow us on Twitter

We also recorded a podcast about the launch here

-          And have been featured twice in the Manchester Evening News:

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15th Apr, 2015

Live Below the Line
by Bethany Livesey on April 15, 2015 15:45



Could you spend just £1 on food and drink per day? It’s time to put your money where your mouth is to help us fight hunger!

The Challenge

Live Below the Line challenges individuals to eat and drink on just £1 a day for 5 days. Or you can take on the challenge as a group, whether it be with colleagues at work or friends and family, and try to prepare a single meal for 33p per person.

The challenge is a national campaign being run by Action Against Hunger, one of JCI Manchester’s nominated charities this year.

By taking part you will shine a light on the 1.2 billion people who live below the extreme poverty line, challenging yourself and others to think differently about hunger and the choices we make every day.

There is enough food in the world for everyone and yet tonight 1 in 8 people will go to bed hungry. We want to challenge the way people in the UK think about hunger and in the process raise funds to end it. By living below the line, you can help us achieve this.

So, some of the JCI Manchester board decided to take on the challenge. We set a date and time and all got together to have lunch. We each donated the amount of money we would usually spend on a city centre lunch and dined on a meal which cost £1.91 for 6 people. Emma, one of our charity director’s, took the lead and volunteered to prepare the meal for us. After much deliberation and scouring the city centre supermarkets she came up with a recipe for lentil cottage pie. Whilst we were all pleasantly surprised at how the meal ‘wasn’t that bad’, it really made us think about how we take food for granted. Even with an abundance of ingredients on our doorsteps and the internet to help with recipe ideas, making a meal for 33p per person took some effort and significant planning. Just imagine how those less fortunate than us, with far fewer resources, manage to survive every day on £1! Furthermore, having to prepare a nutritionally beneficial meal everyday to ensure that you really do survive!

Blog » Community projects » Use.jpg

Blog » Community projects » Use 2.jpg

So JCI Manchester wants to challenge you!

The official corporate challenge date is today, 15th April 2015 and the 5 day challenge it between 27th April and 1st May, however you can take the challenge anytime between now and 30th June.

The rules:

1.       Individual Challenge

A)No more than £5 can be spent on all food and drink over the 5 day period. Then donate what you would usually have spent on food and drink over 5 days.



B) No more than £1 can be spent on all food and drink in 1 day. Then donate what you would usually have spent on food and drink that day.

2.       Corporate/Group Challenge

A) No more than 33p per person can be spent on a group lunch. Then donate what the group would have spent on lunch.

3.       All meals must be nutritious, so no cheating by buying packs of 10p noodles, you couldn’t survive on those for very long.

4.       Let us know when you’re taking the challenge so we can support you.

5.       Send us your photos and comments on how you get along to

6.       Share your story on twitter @JCIManchester @llbluk #belowtheline

7.  Any money raised send to our JCI Virgin Money Page so we can shout about your achievement.

You should also visit the Action Against Hunger website for more information and useful hints and tips such as recipes. 


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23rd Mar, 2015

New Charity Partnership Announced
by Bethany Livesey on March 23, 2015 17:02


JCI Manchester supports...

New JCI Manchester Charity Partners Announced

As we embark upon a new 2 year relationship with our 3, yes 3, new nominated charities we decided to look back over the past 2 years and the difference all our members have made.

Over 2013 and 2014 JCI Manchester supported 2 local Manchester charities, Francis House and Forever Manchester raising a total of £8,230.64. There were many exciting events along the way including: a thai cookery lesson, a cocktail masterclass, a quiz, a BBQ, a netball tournament, a comedy night, Tough Mudder, the Great Manchester Run and even a Sky dive, not to mention a handful of raffle’s along the way.   

It has been a pleasure and an honour to work with and support Francis House and Forever Manchester, but we think you’ll agree that our next 3 nominated charities are equally worthy causes. So without further ado we would like to introduce to you, Challenge 4 Change, Medequip 4 Kids and Action Against Hunger. With our 3 eager charity directors this year, Charlotte Brinsley, Emma Cottam and Simon Anderson, there is no doubt there will be plenty of opportunities to get involved in our charitable activities and raise some much needed funds. We have all sorts of social, sporting and competitive events planned, so watch this space. Our first charity event being on 22nd April 2015, a Rum Emporium, hosted at the wonderful Manchester House, the invites have been sent and this event we are sure will be quick to sell out so ensure you sign up now.

Finally, a huge thank you to all our members for your continued support over the last couple of years. We cannot wait to share the new adventures of JCI Manchester 2015 and all the exciting events the team have planned. 

Challenge 4 Change             MedEquip4Kids          Action Against Hunger 

Challenge 4 Change

Established in 2008, Challenge4Change is an indoor, experiential learning facility based in Trafford Park. The vision of the charity is to provide innovative and motivational learning and development opportunities that enable learners to overcome any barriers that currently hold them back. The activities aim to help people build confidence, develop the skills to work in a team and most importantly make them realise that they are in charge of their success in life - no one else. The charity works with everyone, from school groups to support their learning, to veterans who may be suffering with PTSD, and young offenders using their 'teams not gangs' project which is delivered using a purpose built jail! Anyone who uses the facility never forgets it and leaves with a far greater ability to face life's challenges, whoever they are and whatever their circumstances. 


MedEquip4Kids is a local children’s charity helping provide medical equipment for NHS Trusts, clinics and community hospitals. The charity buys equipment which is considered to be beneficial for the care of children, but which the NHS cannot afford under its budget constraints. As one example, the charity has recently helped open a ‘Teen Zone’ with televisions, games consoles and other activities at the University Hospital of South Manchester NHS Trust to help long-term patients to socialise and encourage their friends to come and visit. This helps improve their attitudes to medical care and prevent them feeling alienated from care teams. MedEquip4Kids was started in 1985 and has grown massively since, raising over £20 million to help make the care experience that little bit easier for over 109,000 children each year.

Action Against Hunger 

Action Against Hunger is an international humanitarian organisation committed to ending child hunger. A leader in the fight against malnutrition, Action Against Hunger saves the lives of malnourished children while providing communities with access to safe water and sustainable solutions to hunger. With 30 years of expertise in emergency situations of conflict, natural disaster and chronic food insecurity, Action Against Hunger runs life-saving programmes in over 45 countries benefitting seven million people each year. Take a look at the latest news and online petition the AAH petition ‘Generation Nutrition’


You can keep up to date with all the JCI Manchester events, fundraising and news on our website. Alternatively, if you can't make  the event but are keen to donate, you can do that using our Virgin Money page. 

We look forward to seeing you soon to raise money for these amazing causes. 

Emma, Charlotte & Simon

Charity Directors
JCI Manchester 


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16th Mar, 2015

Why join JCI? There is more to us than meets the eye...
by Bethany Livesey on March 16, 2015 13:26


Why Choose JCI? 

Now that you have recovered from the #JCIspeakeasy new members evening, or for those of you that are still disappointed at missing this audacious event, we'd like to share with you just what JCI is all about.
There's far more to us than the awesome social events that we throw! So if you are already a member and need a reminder or if you are considering
joining JCI Manchester find below both individual and corporate membership benefits. 

We could sit and preach all day why JCI Manchester has something for everyone, whether it is the social events, charity challenges, business training or just the opportunity to meet new people. Being part of JCI Manchester is something to be proud of. So why not get involved and be part of it! 

Individual Membership Benefits: 

  • Broaden your network of contacts - meet like-minded individuals, expand your network, increase business opportunities and have fun!
  • Develop your skills - expert training on a variety of topics to meet your needs, develop your skills and enhance your capabilities.
  • Increase your knowledge - professional speakers host events on specific business topics to increase knowledge and provide insight into career progression
  • Rewarding charity and community engagement - opportunities to get involved with charity events, raise funds and help the local community
  • Worldwide opportunities - conferences, training and personal development events are open to all, these take place nationally and internationally
  • Enhance your CV - JCI's learn by doing ethos encourages you to get involved either with specific projects or a role on the board
  • All business events free of charge 
  • All social events free of charge


All benefits for £10 per month available to pay in monthly instalments or one fixed fee of £120 for a 12 month membership. 


Corporate Membership Benefits:

  • All business events free of charge for the nominated members
  • All social events free of charge for the nominated members
  • Opportunity to take a table at annual "Manchester Young Talent Awards" with corporate branding/ logo and advertising.
  • Opportunities for nominated members to create new contacts, learn new skills, develop new relationships within Manchester business community
  • Corporate branding & logo on sponsored JCI Communications and promotional materials (Please note all our events are promoted via our own channels to our 1000+ mailing list, using social media channels such as LinkedIn and Twitter and also to the GM Chamber of Commerce membership list which has 5,200 members)
  • CSR opportunities (get involved with community projects and charity events - i.e. sponsorship/ provision of prizes etc in exchange for increased branding opportunities)
  • £50 to add on an extra member (for the duration of the corporate partnership)
  • Option to host events at your office and provide training with use of your own promotional material to advertise your services

All benefits for only £500 for a 12 month membership. 


If you would like more infomration from the team, please contact us via email at, alternatively our membership directors Martin Bloor and Dina Raileen will be happy to help. 

Our next events will be on Tuesday 23rd March at The Escalator Manchester, an informative breakfast briefing with Motion Digital 'Don't settle for 15 minutes of fame' followed by our April charity evening 'Rum Emporium' on Wednesday 22nd April at Manchester House. Two events you do not want to miss!

We look forward to seeing you at an event soon! 

Best wishes, 

Beth Livesey - Marketing Director 
JCI Manchester 



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10th Mar, 2015

Corporate Member Spotlight: Burton Copeland
by Bethany Livesey on March 10, 2015 14:35


Supporting JCI Manchester » Burton.jpg


Our next corporate member in the spotlight is Burton Copeland Solicitors. A Top Ranked Leading Firm by Chambers Guide 2014 and a Top Tier Firm in the Legal 500 directory 2013, Burton Copeland have long been recognised as a market leader with an enviable national reputation in all spheres of criminal litigation. Operating from two offices in Manchester and Trafford, an extensive team of committed lawyers and other fee-earners, one of the largest in the country, offers unparalleled breadth and depth of expertise with 24 hour, 365 days a year response. The firm’s principle areas of work are general and serious crime, business crime and fraud, regulatory law, medical and nursing care, professional discipline, road traffic, crown court advocacy and prison law. Clients range from government departments, public service bodies, small to medium business enterprises, national corporations, leading individuals from the worlds of business, sport and entertainment to the private individual confronted by the Police, Crown Prosecution Service and other prosecuting authorities. Burton Copeland has links to the University of Law sponsoring their criminal and advanced criminal awards.

The firm’s status was recognised in 2010 by the accolade of the award for Crime/Regulatory Team of the Year at the Manchester Legal Awards 2010. More recently the firm was awarded Crime Team of the Year and Regulatory Team of Year at the Manchester Legal Awards 2014. The firm is one of the largest Legal Aid Agency Crime providers in Greater Manchester and holds their Very High Cost Case accreditation. The General and Serious Crime Team is complemented by dedicated units providing specialist advice and representation.

Designated member Mike Mackey, the Past President of Manchester Law Society, is noted in particular for his "expertise in child injury and cot death" cases. He has also undertaken serious organised crime work including international drug conspiracies and gangland murder trials. He was recently awarded the Lifetime Achievement Award at the Manchester Legal Awards 2014 for his outstanding contribution to the legal profession, as someone who has acted on some of the most high profile criminal cases in the city over the past 40 years. He has also been named as one of the most influential professionals in Greater Manchester by Manchester Evening News.

Louise Straw, a designated member, specialises in representation of members of the Royal College of Nursing in respect of both criminal and disciplinary matters.  She is also the President of Manchester Law Society 2015 and sits, as chair, on its Magistrates and Crown Court Committee.

Gwyn Lewis, also a designated member, heads the road traffic department,  He is a nationally recognised expert in Road Traffic Law who frequently provides media commentary and comment on the developments and changes in what is now a very niche area of law.

Burton Copeland has recently developed a further niche area of regulatory work relating to the registration of various professionals with their regulatory bodies, with particular experience in matters relating to the General Medical Council (GMC), the General Dental Council (GDC), the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC), the General Teaching Council (GTC) and the Architects Registration Board (ARB). This work includes advising professionals in relation to registration via the International Medical Graduate route or via the EU rights route.

Burton Copeland is a long-standing and esteemed supporter of JCI Manchester and has previously been a sponsor at the JCI Manchester Young Talent Awards. Business crime partner, Kim Holden, has held the position of finance director since 2010 progressing to JCI Manchester’s Vice President 2014 and now President 2015.

If you would like to know more about the services Burton Copeland offers, please see their website or and you can follow them on twitter @BurtonCopeland



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3rd Feb, 2015

Having only joined Brabners last year, I am still probably considered rather a green curiosity around the office. I don’t know anywhere near everyone’s name and, having mastered the internal computer systems at two previous law firms, I must admit starting afresh means that my day-to-day tasks regularly feel a little like relearning to ride a bike. However, ignoring my oaf-like interactions with computer systems and regular remonstrations with the photocopier, there are certainly many positives.

An area in which Brabners has surpassed my expectations is in support it has provided to enable me to expand my network of contacts. Despite not being a silver-haired stalwart, I have been encouraged to simply ‘go out and meet people’ as regularly as I can. Whilst my liver could probably be in better shape, the support I have been provided with has been fantastic and I am certain will pay dividends both for me and for Brabners in coming years.

The Firm’s Corporate Membership of JCI has, of course, played a key role. For organisations willing to invest in its people and afford them the trust and freedom to go out and bring in work, I consider JCI Corporate Membership to be a sound investment for the future. However, the benefits are not only limited to reducing the number of invoices for various networking and training events. As a Corporate Member, Brabners is given first refusal on future hosting seminars and events so that the firm can directly target JCI’s large and diverse membership - an opportunity which I consider to be worth taking given that those individuals conscientious enough to attend such events will likely be the same individuals which, in the coming years, will become clients and referrers of work to the firm.

JCI Corporate Membership is priced at £500 per annum and entitles members to send three individuals to JCI training and social events as well as reduced costs for charitable events, representing a saving of around £150 per annum on the standard cost of JCI events. Preference is also given for event hosting, seminars and table bookings for the Manchester Young Talent Awards. For further information contact Membership Directors Martin Bloor and Dina Railean using the contact details below.

Contact Martin Bloor   






Supporting JCI Manchester » images.jpg   

Brabners is a leading North West law firm specialising in corporate and commercial services for large and mid-sized corporate companies, SMEs, entrepreneurs, public sector organisations and charities across the UK. We have nationally recognised experts in each of our key practice areas of corporate, commercial, property, employment and pensions, environment, health & safety, litigation, sports, social housing and charity. In addition, our business succession team offers a bespoke service to business owners and entrepreneurs.

As well as commercial law, we are one of the few major practices still looking after the personal needs of the individual.  We have a large private client practice advising on drafting wills, estate planning, family law, complicated tax planning and trust work.

Our pro-active approach is constructive, committed and down to earth and we work closely with all of our clients to provide commercially realistic solutions to their legal problems.

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13th Jan, 2015

Welcome to 2015 from President, Kim Holden
by Bethany Livesey on January 13, 2015 13:55


2015 Committee images » JCI Manchester Orange.png


First of all, I would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! 

2015 is here and as such JCI Manchester has a new committee ready to take the reins for another year. With a number of new faces I wanted to take the time to introduce myself and the team.

As the new president, I am very honoured to take over from Caroline. JCI Manchester has had an incredible year and I would like to thank Caroline for providing us with a great opportunity to hit the ground running in 2015, lets build on that success and make Caroline and all JCI members proud.

JCI turns 100 this year, with JCI Manchester reaching its 75th year, we will hosting many great events over the year including training, business, social and charity events. As always, JCI provides a great platform for you to build upon skills and learn something new, as well as having some fun meeting new people along the way!

Meet the team:

President Kim Holden

Immediate Past President Caroline McCarron  

Vice president Danny Rodgerson

Charity team: Charlotte Brinsley, Simon Anderson,Emma Cottam 

Business & Training team:  Sophie Southworth, Amelia McLeod

Membership team: Martin Bloor, Dina Railean

Finance Holly Fletcher

Social team: Hannah Atkinson, Rachel Bell, Gill Maitland 

PR/Marketing team: Beth Livesey

National/International Paul Widger (insert image)

More information about our committee can be found on the 'Meet the Council' page. 

What's coming up:

Our first breakfast briefing of 2015 will take place on Thursday 29th January. This will be a chance to gain expert advice and assistance on financial planning. To sign up for this event or for more information click here

JCI Manchester is also proud to be hosting a national event JCI Inspiration day on 31st January, for more information or to get tickets please click here. We look forward to welcoming friends old and new to JCI Manchester.

To ensure January blues are well and truly over, 5th February sees our Charity Comedy Night in aid of Forever Manchetser and Francis House Children's Hospice. With food, drinks and VIP seating, there is no excuse to miss this great event for amazing causes.

We look forward to welcoming you at our JCI events across 2015, but in the meantime if you have any questions about JCI Manchester please do get in touch! 

Best wishes, 

Kim & all the JCI Manchester Committee

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