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1st Jan, 1970

Celebrating 2 of our fantastic New Board Members...

Posted: May 4, 2017 08:59 by Simon Anderson

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Celebrating 2 of Our fantastic New Members…

JCI Manchester has always been extremely lucky with the kind of member we attract. Ambitious, hard-working, and creative people who despite having very demanding full time jobs still find the time to go above and beyond for their JCI Chamber!

Vicky Biggs: Joined January 2017...

Vicky is a full time solicitor working for a company called Myerson’s in Altrincham. Since joining she has thrown herself into absolutely everything going. She immediately joined the 4 strong membership team being instrumental in event follow-up and with signing up corporate members. Her work place are so impressed that they are now seriously considering coming on as corporate members themselves. She has also put herself forward to be part of the Manchester Young Talent Awards organising committee which is no small task

She is also well and truly getting involved with what is without a doubt one of the greatest making use of the best selling points of JCI – the international scene! Early on in the year she applies for a senate bursary which can be used at any international event (probably World Congress!). As well as this she will be attending the European Multi-Twinning Weekend in Edinburgh this weekend, equipped with two bottles of Manchester’s finest Gin (Manchester 3 Rivers) and addressing all the attendees on behalf of the UK. Not bad for 4 months of involvement! Keep up the good work Vicky, it’s great to have you on board – excited to see everything you’ve done by the end of the year!


Cheryl Hill: Joined January 2017...

Cheryl has been nothing short of a life-saver! JCI Manchester has had no finance director for while leaving it with the president to sort out. You can imagine my delight when Cheryl put herself forward for the role. Leaving the role with this year’s president would have been a disaster of epic proportion. Thank God Cheryl stepped up. Since taking on the role she has well and truly taken control of the Chamber’s finances, ensuring we aren’t over spending, and doing some future planning to create a buffer fund for the future to ensure the chambers longevity. She too has joined the MYTA organising committee and is an integral part given her role as organiser for the Forever Manchester Charity birthday dinner this year which raised a total of £46,000. No small achievement.

She, like Vicky is throwing herself into all aspects of JCI life. This morning she received the excellent news that she has secured a place at the JCI European Academy in Sweden. A 5 day European level leadership academy where people from across Europe (who traditionally are incoming presidents) are trained in all elements of leadership in JCI. Again, it’s great to have you on board and look forward to seeing all that you achieve in 2017 and beyond!

This isn't to say that the rest of the board aren't doing brilliant work as well! Like I mentioned we are extremely lucky in Manchester to have a really passionate group of individuals, all of whom contribute to the efforts of everything that goes on in JCI Manchester! Keep up the good work everyone and lets keep the momentum going! 

Posted: May 4, 2017 08:59 by Simon Anderson with .

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