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1st Jan, 1970

JCI Manchester welcomes JCI Pakistan Alumni Ghulam Hussain and he showers us (and Eric Fitzpatrick) with gifts!

Posted: May 13, 2017 13:19 by Simon Anderson

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One of the great things about JCI is the international element to what we do. Once you’re a member of a local chapter you are a member everywhere in the world. It is a truly global club/network of like-minded individuals.

On the morning of Friday 12th May an alumni of JCI Pakistan by the name of Ghulam Hussain made contact and asked to meet with the President as he was in Manchester on business! Somehow from the time we managed to pick up our public speaking trainer Eric from the airport and starting the public speaking training we fit in a meet and greet and an exchange of gifts. It was a very brief meeting with hundreds of pictures but what a testimony to how amazing our international network is! We thank Mr Hussain for making contact and hope he knows that he is more than welcome to any JCI Manchester event should he be in Manchester again at any point in the future! 

Posted: May 13, 2017 13:19 by Simon Anderson with .

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