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1st Jan, 1970

JCI Manchester I Love Manchester Social

Posted: May 26, 2017 14:17 by Simon Anderson

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Its been 4 days since the tragic events of this week and the mood in Manchester remains a mixture of strength in unity and devastation for the tragic losses we incurred.

It's true to say that we are very lucky in Manchester. We support each-other and the world supports us too. We were absolutely overwhelmed by the level of support we received from our fellow JCI chambers across the world who took the time to send video messages to us from European Conference. You can view the video here >>> VIDEO

JCI Chambers across the world truly believe that peace is possible the world over and that the acts of a few who remain defiant that this should not be the case do not represent the majority of people around the world who share our belief. We as an organisation will continue to strive for this goal of peace and will not be deterred by acts of pure evil.

JCI Manchester are a strong Chamber. We continue to be strong even in the midst of this. Our events will still go on because we believe to do otherwise would be to give in to those who would have us change our lives. In the spirit of Love defeating hate we have decided to change the theme of our next social event which is scheduled for next Wednesday to and I Love Manchester theme.

What emerged from what happened was the immense community spirit that Manchester has - an attack that was designed to divide us has had the opposite effect on our city and brought us closer together. We are strong both as individuals and even stronger when we are together, hence why this event is still going ahead as planned, to bring our members and the business community of Manchester together to recognise the strength our great city and it's community that continues to stand strong in the face of terror.

We will be joined by our good friends Manchester Three Rivers Gin who will be sponsoring our drinks reception and providing a number of Gin based cocktails throughout the evening. Dean Mac, a well known Manchester musician, will also still be in attendance performing some Manchester classics.

We won't be fundraising on the night because there are a number of crowd-finding initiatives already in place to help raise money. We will instead be pointing people towards the Manchester Evening News donation page which has so far raised over £1 million to help support families of those injured and killed in the attacks. The link is here >>>


We hope you will be able to join us in what we hope will be a suitable event to recognise the strength of our Manchester community. You can book on through this link here - 

Posted: May 26, 2017 14:17 by Simon Anderson with .

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