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1st Jan, 1970

JCI Manchester appoints Erin Berry as it’s Training and Development Director

Posted: June 6, 2017 15:11 by Simon Anderson

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In JCI Manchester we always try to help any of our members be able to access the amazing development opportunities that come from being a part of our organisation. 

Back in April, Erin Berry who works for Grant Thornton one of our corporate members, asked to meet for a coffee to talk about how best to use the JCI Manchester membership they have. So we met in Spinningfields and talked all things JCI Manchester and JCI in general.

The timing of this meet was actually perfect. We were looking for someone to host and potentially sponsor the relaunch of our public speaking club back in May which was to be delivered by our good friend Eric Fitzpatrick. We presented the idea to Erin and asked her to consider whether or not she would like to host this event in Grant Thornton and help JCI promote it.

“I’ll see what I can do.” she said

Not but four days later and she had secured Grant Thornton’s best meeting room, persuaded them to provide drinks and nibbles (which were great!) and been a point of contact for current JCI board members who were involved in the organisation of the event. Suffice to say we were very impressed.

Erin then has successfully helped us establish a further link with Grant Thornton, who will now be sponsoring all our Public Speaking Training events. They have also provisionally signed up to increase their membership quote from 3 to 6.

Enough was enough, this girl was more than just a point contact between us and Grant Thornton. Since January we had no designated lead on Training and Development, something we desperately needed given it’s importance in the JCI Manchester scheme of things. With this in mind we decided to offer the position to Erin which she accepted! Erin will now oversee all our breakfast training events, any panel events we run and the continuation of our training and development events.

JCI are through and through a development organisation. Becoming more involved, like Erin decided to do, gives you the opportunity to grow your skills in which ever area you choose while at the same time growing your network with like-minded individuals. At JCI we create future leaders in whatever field. We work on the basis that any of our membership could be a future President of the chamber. We are always looking for people to get more involved. If you want to make friends for life and challenge yourself while making a difference, then JCI is for you.

Contact us: if you want to find our more about how you can get involved!

Posted: June 6, 2017 15:11 by Simon Anderson with .

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