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27th Jul, 2017

JCI Manchester is visited by Viktoria from JCI Potsdam!
by Simon Anderson on July 27, 2017 08:34


As we always say, one of the best things about JCI life is the interational network that grows from being a member. On Monday of this week we were visited by Viktoria from JCI Potsdam. Viktoria was over here on business and wanted to meet some fellow JCI members for dinner, a beer and some good old fashioned Mancunian hospitality. Two members of the JCI manchester board, Simon and Dan met up with her at her hotel and took her for some food at BLUU Bar in the Northern Quarter, after which we dropped her of at her hotel and wished her well during her stay here. 

This would have otherwise been a fairly lonely visit however JCI membership gives you access to a whole world of friends and contacts meaning whereever you are in the world you can be sure there will be a friendly JCI member to make you feel welcomed! 

We loved meeting Viktoria and all our international vivitors this year. We encourage all members of all countries to get in touch should they ever be in Manchester on business or for a personal visit! 

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