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Why being able to prepare a public talk is an essential business skill for any young professional

Posted: September 6, 2017 11:48 by Simon Anderson

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How many people when asked to do a public presentation feel an immense sense of fear? Answer – most people. Having to face a room full of faces staring directly at you and hanging on your every word is indeed a daunting task and on that you only get better at with practice. This is why JCI Manchester have set up public speaking club. To practice these skills in a friendly environment, so that when asked at work to do the same, you won’t be as ill prepared and will have the necessary skills to perform at your best. In fact, being able to deliver in this area is something that will 100% set you apart from your peers and here’s why –

It will gain you recognition…

By speaking in your niche market or on any particular topic you love, you will be gaining tremendous recognition and immediately have an audience to provide quality content. It immediately positions you as an expert. and thought leader on any particular topic meaning clients are far more likely to come to you.

It is a great way to Network

There is enormous value in the type of people you meet when you are a speaker. At the various conferences you speak, the associations you join as a speaker and the clients you bring on. The value of networking as a speaker is incredible. Even attending or speaking at local meetups and workshops carries incredible opportunities right in your own backyard. Word of mouth is still the number one way to pass along great leads, contacts and of course testimonials and the speaker circuit will provide that and more.  

At JCI Manchester we are very lucky to offer some of the best training in this field. Our speaking trainer Ilona Allcock who by day is an Employer Liaison Consultant at the University of Salford

Ilona has been an active JCI member since 2011 and was President of JCI Sheffield in 2014. Highlights of her JCI career include making the European finals of both debating (2014) and public speaking (2016), launching the JCI UK Ten Outstanding Young Persons Awards and winning European awards for two local projects, one of which was also shortlisted globally.

In her day job, Ilona works at the University of Salford to create employment opportunities and career insights for students and graduates. Having held a diverse range of roles in the past – everything from Commercial Litigation Solicitor in the world’s largest law firm to running a bespoke software development company with her husband – Ilona has a gained a real insight into what makes different businesses work.

Since losing a friend to suicide in August 2015, Ilona has become a passionate advocate for mental health issues. Last year she ran two trail marathons for Mind, and climbed the national three peaks for Anxiety UK. She is hugely proud of the work JCI Manchester has done to put a spotlight on mental health and looks forward to continuing to support this initiative.

So don’t let fear hold you back anymore from enhancing this essential business skill. Come join us at our next training event on the 12th September at Grant Thornton at 6pm and we’ll show just how good a public speaker you can be! Hope to see you there. CLICK HERE TO BOOK ON


JCI Manchester Team

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