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JCI Manchester are Recruiting for 2018

Posted: November 17, 2017 15:45 by Simon Anderson

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JCI Manchester are recruiting!

As we draw closer to December the time draws ever nearer to vote in the new 2018 JCI Manchester Board. Board positions are designed as development opportunities – a chance to gain invaluable experience that you would not otherwise gain in your line of work.

This blog is intended as a job board if you will that will give you a brief overview of what roles we have on offer, what the responsibilities are within that role and how you can go about putting your name forward.

So here’s the opportunities we have on offer…

Membership Director – As a membership director it will be your role to promote membership of JCI Manchester, listen to the current members feedback and relay this back to the board so we can continually improve what we do, and liaise with finance to ensure our corporate members are invoiced. For this role we’ll need you to be a competent networker and have the availability to attend as many events as possible. If you’re looking for a role that helps you already grow your network – this is the one for you! 

Training and Development Director – The training and development director is one of our key roles within the JCI board. This role involves finding speakers and venues for our morning seminars. We really want to up the ante next year and equip our members with the soft skills that are good for our members in their careers. This year we have run networking training, personal leadership training and public speaking training amongst other things! If this sounds like the role for you, get in touch!  

Social Director – In this role, you are the director of fun and good times! Our members are entitled to come to social events for free so we are looking for someone who can approach venues and get us the best deal possible so we can maximise the offer for our members. These events are designed as networking events so we’re looking for new ideas about how we can encourage that! If you think this role is for you let us know!  

Charity Director – As charity director you will look after the general support and fundraising for our chosen charity for the year! We always look to raise as much money as possible and support by giving the charity by giving our time as well as vital funds. You’ll need to be able to think outside the box for these events as they often involve some form of activity like crazy golf, escape rooms or wine tasting.

Social Media and Content Director – This role will be in support of the marketing team. We need someone who is a whizz at content creation, to include; photos and videos of our events, blogs, website material and uploading these to social media to broadcast what we are doing!

Sponsorship Director – As sponsorship director you will play a vital role in helping us maximise the potential of our events. We often operate on a cost per head which can be massively reduced if we have a sponsor, meaning we can put more money towards drinks and food or raise more money for our nominated charity. You’ll need to be very forward in this role as asking for money from people is often tricky. We’re looking for someone who can turn sponsorship of a JCI event into a compelling offer so that people will be approaching us!

So there you have it. If you’re looking for a new challenge this 2018 and to make friends for life and have experiences you wouldn’t otherwise have like world travel – then get in touch with either Simon Anderson (JCI Manchester President 2017) at or Jake Holland (JCI Manchester President for 2018) at . You’ll need to fill out a form giving us your intention to stand as a director and if you can make it, attend our AGM on the 19th December at Clyde and Co, 50 Brown St, Manchester M2 2JT, Manchester at 6pm.

We look forward to welcoming you to the team!  

Posted: November 17, 2017 15:45 by Simon Anderson with .

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