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5th Aug, 2017


We are quite the talented bunch in JCI Manchester! A recent success that we believe needs celebrating is our very own training and development director becoming a chartered accountant! As well as this Erin has recently secured a position at Mazars in central Manchester after having previously been at Grant Thornton. And all this while managing the busy JCI Manchester Training and Development Programme! 

Well done Erin!

JCI Manchester Team 

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5th Aug, 2017


26th July saw JCI Manchester's presdient Simon Anderson deliver a breakfast breifin on how the 4 horesmen of Disappointment, Disillusionment, Discomfort and Dismay can be your greatest teacher if you let.

Attended by a total of 10 people the audience were given an overview of the human psyche and why we naturally avoid the above and in place of it seek pleasure. It included a bit of Freud, a bit of Nietzsche and a bit of Maslow.

What the talk argued was that these 4 things are a natural part of life and should be seen as just as positive as when you have a success. To quote Connor McGreggor - 'You win or you learn...' That was the general jist of it. 

The concluding section gave the participants a frame work and philosophy to appraoch these challenges in the future all based on Simon's experience in starting (and closing down) a business, muay thai fighting and his recent qualification in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.

It was a very enjoyable talk and one that we hear will be duplicated for JCI Leeds!

Our next breakfast event is a Positve Body Image Panel event that will be held on the 30th August - venue to be confiirmed!

Look forward to seeing you there! 

JCI Manchester Team

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5th Aug, 2017

Between 7 and 9 July 2017, two of our board members, Vicky Biggs and Phoebe Benta, travelled down to Birmingham to attend JCI UK’s Leadership Excellence in Action Programme (better known as the LEAP Academy).  LEAP provides personal development opportunities to empower young people to create positive change within themselves and train tomorrow’s leaders today. 

Both Phoebe and Vicky graduated from the LEAP Academy.  Here is what Vicky had to say about the weekend…

“When I joined the JCI Manchester board in December 2016, our President Simon Anderson said to me that if I was only able to go to one JCI UK training event this year, I should definitely go to LEAP because it would transform my life!  It is fair to say therefore that I had high expectations going into the weekend and I was not left disappointed!  LEAP offered theoretical and practical training on leadership skills, personalities, methods and things like working in a team and learning how to delegate.  The LEAP weekend stretched my capabilities and pushed me outside my comfort zone.  However it has left me eager to take the next step in my leadership journey and I am excited to see what I can achieve both at work and within JCI.”

“I would also encourage anyone who is interested in developing their leadership skills to attend the LEAP Academy.  To date, it is the best JCI training event I have attended.  Lastly, I would like to thank Jo Mackfall and the rest of the LEAP team for organising such a fantastic weekend.”

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27th Jul, 2017

JCI Manchester is visited by Viktoria from JCI Potsdam!
by Simon Anderson on July 27, 2017 08:34


As we always say, one of the best things about JCI life is the interational network that grows from being a member. On Monday of this week we were visited by Viktoria from JCI Potsdam. Viktoria was over here on business and wanted to meet some fellow JCI members for dinner, a beer and some good old fashioned Mancunian hospitality. Two members of the JCI manchester board, Simon and Dan met up with her at her hotel and took her for some food at BLUU Bar in the Northern Quarter, after which we dropped her of at her hotel and wished her well during her stay here. 

This would have otherwise been a fairly lonely visit however JCI membership gives you access to a whole world of friends and contacts meaning whereever you are in the world you can be sure there will be a friendly JCI member to make you feel welcomed! 

We loved meeting Viktoria and all our international vivitors this year. We encourage all members of all countries to get in touch should they ever be in Manchester on business or for a personal visit! 

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28th Jun, 2017

It was exactly one year ago this week that JCI Manchester completed the 3 Peaks Challenge in under 24 hours raising a total of over £2000 for Anxiety UK. The time has come to attempt this challenge again with a fresh bunch of recruits from across the City’s business community who this year are raising money for our charity Mancunian Way


Head up by board members Kris Scales and Josh Crawley the team includes;

Jake Holland (JCI Manchester Membership Director), Dan Thomas (JCI Manchester Membership Director), Alison Glennon, Hayley Evans, Holly Kennah, James Edge, Kate Berry, Kerry Rogan, Owain Thomas and Tony Morrissey.

The guys have trained hard with some really challenging training walks in the Peak District with the Edale Circular, The Yorkshire Dales with Great Whernside and Bucken Pike, The Lake District with Helvelyn and Scafell Pike, and finally Mount Snowdon. They could not have prepared better. All that’s left to do now is complete it! Time to beat from last year is 23 hours and 25 minutes.

I’m sure you’ll join us in wishing them the best of luck for this weekend. It is a very difficult yet rewarding challenge – one they’ll remember for the rest of their lives.

Should you wish to support them in their efforts to raise money for a great charity, click HERE



JCI Manchester Team  

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20th Jun, 2017

JCI Manchester hosted our twins JCI Cork this weekend just gone as part of the Jo-Cox Great Get Together Initiative. We were joined by 3 of the JCI Cork squad; Anouar, Carol and Sheelah. Upon arrival it was straight back to the The White House for a quick cup of tea and a few slices of pizza before heading out to town. They were first treated to the delights of Manchester night life at Crazy Pedro’s – a few beers and a meeting of some of the Manchester board members. We left about midnight given that our guests had travelled and where understandably tired.


The very next morning they were up for a boxing seminar delivered by our president Simon. Each Cork member was paired up with a JCI Manchester Member and they together learned a 10 part combo which included all the well known punches, a few ducks and weaves and then a punch in the chops at the end. They loved it!


After this we head over to BEAT Street to feed them, but were to be disappointed by the lack of establishments open! So instead we decided to have a refreshing drink and then head over to Cosy Club for a lunch inside. It was getting a bit hot. We were also joined by non-member Raymond who saw our Get Together event on the website and emailed to see if he could join us. We naturally obliged. Raymond is the tall one at the back. He wrote us a glowing review too!


Will definitely go on Facebook to find JCI Manchester…Many Many special thanks to you and for everyone for hosting the particular get together in honour of Jo Cox. God Bless JCI (whoever you are!)”

Raymond if we never see you again…we salute you.

The plan was then to head home and get ready to come back out again to have dinner at Vapiano. However plans quickly changed when the suggestion of a BBQ was presented to the group. We hardly ever get weather as good as that which we had on Saturday and it would have been a shame to waste it by being inside! So we assembled a few of the troops to enjoy the good weather in the gardens of The White House. Jake even made us his signature Chicken Rub which was epic and we will be blogging the recipe.


The next morning was brunch at Alabama’s All American Eatery which 100% serves the best brunch/breakfast food in the whole of Manchester. Eggs Benedict was incredible. Our Irish visitors were very impressed. After brunch we then took in the Manchester Makers Market in Spinningfields for some last minute souvenir shopping followed by the Manchester Day Parade just after lunch.


After that it was straight to the airport to wave them off good bye. We had a great time with our twins and hope they know they are welcome any time. See you next year in Cork (and possibly in Amsterdam for World Congress!!!).    

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13th Jun, 2017

JCI Manchester are getting ready to host our twins JCI Cork this weekend as part of the Jo-Cox Great Get Together Initiative. Twinning is an old JCI tradition that partners up local chambers of different countries and encourages them to visit each other on an annual basis.

Last year we were lucky enough to be invited over there for a fantastic weekend in one of Ireland’s most vibrant cities, Cork. The guys from JCI Cork put on a great show for us with a selection of activities like Urban Orienteering, Graffiti-ing electricity boxes, Social Media Training, Raising Money for Cork Mental Health and finally a good old Irish knees up 2 nights in a row. Standard. We were overwhelmed by the welcome we received and with the turn out from their chamber so we’re eager to return the favour in similar fashion.   

This year it’s our turn and we want to show them some of the best parts of Manchester! Including its people. Here’s our itinerary for the weekend in case you want to join us for what will be a fantastic weekend!

Friday 16th June

9.30pm until late - Whisky Jar Northern Quarter Casual Social! Let us know you’re coming >> HERE << A very casual get together to welcome our Irish friends…

Saturday 17th June

10am – 12.15pmCharity Boxing Seminar with President Simon Anderson. This is your chance to have a god at a fun filled boxing session. We won’t be hitting each other just doing some really basic partner pad work. Emphasis on fun (no experience necessary!) 20 spots available - £10 per person

1.00pm -  Lunch Time Get together at B.EAT Street. Just meet us here for a lunchtime delight that shows off one of Manchester’s top pop-up eating spots. Let us know if you’re joining us >> HERE <<

7.30pm until lateDinner in Vapiano in the Corn Exchange followed by some drinks. Meet us in the downstairs section of the Corn Exchange where we will then go onto Vapiano.

Sunday 18th June

11amBrunch at Alabamas all American Eatery. This is our last chance to see the Irish lot before they jet off home back to Cork. Join us for a brunch at Alabamas again in the Northern Quarter.

Member or Non-Member we really hope you can join us for any and all of the events we’re putting on as part of this weekend. It’s a great opportunity to meet members from another country and who knows you may even bag yourself an invite back to Cork!



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6th Jun, 2017

In JCI Manchester we always try to help any of our members be able to access the amazing development opportunities that come from being a part of our organisation. 

Back in April, Erin Berry who works for Grant Thornton one of our corporate members, asked to meet for a coffee to talk about how best to use the JCI Manchester membership they have. So we met in Spinningfields and talked all things JCI Manchester and JCI in general.

The timing of this meet was actually perfect. We were looking for someone to host and potentially sponsor the relaunch of our public speaking club back in May which was to be delivered by our good friend Eric Fitzpatrick. We presented the idea to Erin and asked her to consider whether or not she would like to host this event in Grant Thornton and help JCI promote it.

“I’ll see what I can do.” she said

Not but four days later and she had secured Grant Thornton’s best meeting room, persuaded them to provide drinks and nibbles (which were great!) and been a point of contact for current JCI board members who were involved in the organisation of the event. Suffice to say we were very impressed.

Erin then has successfully helped us establish a further link with Grant Thornton, who will now be sponsoring all our Public Speaking Training events. They have also provisionally signed up to increase their membership quote from 3 to 6.

Enough was enough, this girl was more than just a point contact between us and Grant Thornton. Since January we had no designated lead on Training and Development, something we desperately needed given it’s importance in the JCI Manchester scheme of things. With this in mind we decided to offer the position to Erin which she accepted! Erin will now oversee all our breakfast training events, any panel events we run and the continuation of our training and development events.

JCI are through and through a development organisation. Becoming more involved, like Erin decided to do, gives you the opportunity to grow your skills in which ever area you choose while at the same time growing your network with like-minded individuals. At JCI we create future leaders in whatever field. We work on the basis that any of our membership could be a future President of the chamber. We are always looking for people to get more involved. If you want to make friends for life and challenge yourself while making a difference, then JCI is for you.

Contact us: if you want to find our more about how you can get involved!

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6th Jun, 2017


On the Sunday just gone, the 3 Peaks Challenge team took on England’s highest peak, Scafell Pike, in their 6th and final training walk for the 3 Peaks Challenge at the end of the month.

We started the walk from Seathwaite in Borrowdale, one of the countries wettest locations. Fortunately for us the weather was on our side, presenting us with ideal walking conditions. It was a little chilly towards the top but it’s to be expected at 978m above sea level!

For much of the walk we followed the path up Grains Gill, a stunning stream with a great collection of waterfalls and rock pools. We then made our way up to the scrambley ascent that is a challenge for even the most experienced of walkers. We lunched on the top of the pike and came across this little beauty!


It was a fantastic day with all the team completing the walk in under 5 hours. A very encouraging end to the training! All that remains now is to wish everyone taking part the best of luck in the upcoming challenge and encourage everyone to please sponsor the brave people doing this difficult challenge as we try raise as much money as possible for our charity for the year Mancunian Way.

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3rd Jun, 2017


One of the best features of JCI membership is the international network that we have. Wherever you are in the world you can bet that if you reach out to a JCI chamber they will do whatever they can to help you while in their city!

When you come to Manchester it’s no different! Yesterday we met two members from JCI Solothurn who were here to see Robbie Williams at the Etihad. Members, Simon, Paul and Jake met them at BLUU Bar in the popular Northern Quarter area, they shared lunch, exchanged gifts and were then given a tour of some of Manchester’s best bars and shopping venues.

We then escorted them to the met stop and saw them off on their way to the concert doing everything we could to make sure they got their safely.

JCI Manchester loves international visitors and encourages anyone who’s in the city to reach out and get in touch with us and we’ll show you the best of Manchester!


We hope Gabriel and Elise have a great stay in Manchester and look forward to seeing them both at World Congress!

All the best guys!

JCI Manchester!   

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