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8th Mar, 2017


For our second training and development event of the 2017 calendar, JCI Manchester assembled 6 of Manchester’s most enterprising women for a panel discussion in celebration of International Women’s Day. The panel included:

Karina Jadhav - Owner of Menagerie Bar and Restaurant and Young Entrepreneur of the Year in the 2015 Women in Business Awards; Nadine Merabi - Creative Director of Nadine Merabi; Sky Bibi - Barrister-at-Law; Jennifer Smith - Ex JCI Manchester President and Insider Young Lawyer of the Year and Charlotte Chadwick – Managing Director of Atlantis Digital and was Chaired by Caroline McCarron - Associate Solicitor in the Law Share team at JMW Solicitors and Chair of the Manchester Irish Lawyers Society

The event was hosted by one of the panellists, Karina Jadhav, at her fabulous bar restaurant, Menagerie, one of the most talked about venues in town. As well as being a perfect space to host an event such as this, they went above and beyond to provide us with teas, coffees, and juices alongside an excellent breakfast spread of smashed avocado on toast, bacon and egg rolls, and some of the nicest pancakes I think the attendees had ever tasted! A massive thankyou to them for pulling out all the stops. I would encourage all the Manchester groups to consider hosting an event there!

The panellists took to centre stage and were introduced one by one by the chair Caroline McCarron. Topics of discussion included gender discrimination in the work place, equal rights to pay, progression and position, the portrayal of women in general, the influence of parents in the mindset of women and how this is changing, the generational shift in terms of changing the culture surrounding gender discrimination, the power of sheer determination, and choices women are making to pursue a career despite a lingering societal pressure to have children and start a family.

Each of the panellists spoke about their experiences with all the issues above and their rise to success happening in spite of all the the above. It was a truly inspirational morning with each of the panel members offering a hopeful perspective on the issues women face on a daily basis. All attendees commented how positive they felt upon leaving the event.

The hard work doesn’t stop here though. The issue of tackling gender inequality is something that starts with the individual followed by the collective. This is why days like this are so important, particularly for groups like JCI Manchester. An individual decides to attend an event in support of the collective. That collective sends a message that gender inequality or discrimination is simply not OK. As a collective we can achieve a lot, simply by standing together.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all our panellists for giving up their time to speak as part of our panel this morning. A special thank you to Menagerie for being perfect the perfect hosts, and t all our 56 attendees who showed support on this day of celebration.

As for our next training and development event this will be held on the 5th April at Sedulo with networking guru Will Kintish – a nationally recognised networking trainer who will take attendees through the essentials of being a competent and effective networker. We look forward to seeing you there.

All the best,


The JCI Manchester Team          

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24th Feb, 2017



JCI Manchester held their first charity event of the year last night at Revolution Parsonage Gardens, in aid of our nominated charity for the year Mancunian Way. This of course was the day storm Doris threatened to ruin everyone’s evening plans! Thankfully attendees were not deterred by her ferocity and they came down to experience an event that was the first of it’s kind for our chamber.


The idea for the event came from members who asked for more opportunities to network and meet new people. Often we’ll attend an event and because the room is so packed full of people already in groups we’ll immediately find those we know or have met before, which immediately defeats the object of attending an event to meet new people. Then there are those who have never met anyone in the room and are attending by themselves. An extremely intimidating situation however friendly the group of people in the room are. Often they will only have the opportunity to meet 1 or 2 people when actually they wanted the chance to speak to everyone.

With the Younger Games we wanted to change this! We wanted to create an event with an environment that naturally stimulated genuine conversation between all the attendees, that wasn’t speed networking and wasn’t the awkward stand up and tell us about yourself for 2 minutes. Ice breakers can be very hit and miss and put people on the spot. We certainly didn’t want this. We wanted people to come down and genuinely feel like they got to know people. So we put on an evening of interactive networking games and activities, and we are happy to report that it went down a treat!

On arrival attendees were given a small square piece of paper with either a red, blue, green or pink bee, (as well as a prosecco).

After some initial mingling for the first 15 minutes where bees were mixed together they were asked to group together and find their fellow bees of the same colour. On completing this task they were given tasks 1a and 1b to complete as their bee group. Task 1a was to remove the question cards, take one each and answer the question that they had chosen. These included such questions as ‘What would be your last meal on death row’ and ‘Who would you spend a year on a desert island with…’ – this seemed to generate some very interesting conversation and got the attendees chatting generally rather than just about business. A much warmer way of introducing yourself!

After this the group stood around and were asked a series of questions as a group. If the answer applied to them they were to step forward. For example:

Q1. Step forward if you can play a musical instrument – Turns out 70% of the room could play a musical instrument!

Q5. Step forward if you have been in a theatrical production that wasn’t one from your school days – turns out we had a few theatrical types in the room who have starred in such classics as Les Miserables, and Big Brother the musical.

Q7. Step forward if you have ever been thrown out of a bar or nightclub – turns out a fair few people had! For one person this was because they had slid down the stairs on a tray…

This was a great way for people to discover hidden talents or experiences about the other attendees with them having to volunteer them themselves.

After this the groups were given a 4ft bamboo cane and challenged with raising it in particular way without losing contact! Harder than it sounds.

After a short break for some of Revolutions finest bar snacks, we began task 2. For Task 2 the bee groups joined another bee group to form a double group and were given the ‘over the line challenge’ where everyone had to step over the line at EXACTLY the same. Gradually getting more and more difficult as they completed the previous level. Eyes closed and silent gave everyone the biggest challenge.

Finally there was the social media treasure hunt where they stayed in their groups and challenged to capture a group shot, a group shot holding something that wasn’t theirs, and finally a group shot with a stranger holding up an I love JCI Manchester sign.



That concluded the evening and everyone reported that they had a great time and were able to chat to everyone there. Exactly what we wanted.


Due to it’s success we will definitely be running another evening of it’s kind where people are guaranteed to meet new people in a fun, friendly and non-awkward way! 

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15th Feb, 2017

First Breakfast Briefing of the Year was a 'Stroke of Genius...'
by Simon Anderson on February 15, 2017 12:28




This morning JCI Manchester hosted their first breakfast briefing of 2017. The title of the talk was ‘Unleashing Your Genius: An Essential Component to Personal Leadership’ and was delivered Sue Coyne, an authority and thought leader within the field of sustainably effective leadership.

The seminar first covered the topic of becoming master of your own life; moving you from a position where you feel like what you are doing is not right for you, or you feel like you have more to offer, to a place where you are thriving and excited about what you do day to day because it allows you to shine and be successful and at your best in a sustainable manner. Sue spoke to us about the importance of personal leadership and what that actually means in terms of your ability to lead an organisation or business. Much of personal leadership is about knowing your vision/purpose and what success means to you. It is then about developing strategy and translating it into steps to help you use your unique talents and realise your potential.

“Personal Leadership is the only leadership that is going to matter in the 21st Century” – Peter Drucker  

At this point we were given the opportunity to discuss with other attendees about what success meant to us and how we would score ourselves in each of the 3 key areas of our life; Health, Happiness and High Performance. This generated some extremely interesting feedback. Some people didn’t know because it’s not something they think about (myself included) and some scored themselves very low which was almost an eye opener. The key point to consider here is that this method of self-reflection is something that you should look to do on a regular basis.

The talk then moved onto the importance of the stages of development and how much the wiring of our brain in our early years affects our mindset and our ability to perform in later life. Many attendees in the room will have been at the ‘individuating stage’ of development where the formation of our own identity is formed. This is where we begin to become accountable for every aspect of our life and learn to manage the fears we have and develop our emotional intelligence. It is in this stage that we should give focus to the wiring of our brain, because in many cases we didn’t take the time to re-wire our thought processes from that that we developed from the early years. So many of us haven’t yet finished that upgrade in ‘software.’ This is the stage where we are looking for opportunities to explore our gifts and talents and not be micro-managed. Without the freedom, autonomy and challenges at this stage of development, you will not experience true well-being.

We then moved onto the topic of genius and how the 20th century definition of the word, essentially meaning something that is the preserve of the few such as Albert Einstein, or Mozart, is being re-conceptualised to a fit with the 21st century mindset; That genius is created by 3 key variables – our genetic inheritance (49%), the environment around us and our mindset (51%). The last two of which we can influence directly ourselves. The 21st century mindset states:

-          Genius is available to us all

-          Each person can develop a Unique Individual Genius

-          Each person can develop genius in any discipline, craft or skill

-          Moments of genius are available to us all

-          People can work together in a state of collective genius

We normally only express 40% of what we are capable of - the principal inner obstacle that stops it manifesting is FEAR!  Whether this is FEAR of failure, or fear of what other people will think of us. A lot of this is to do with our upbringing and the way that society gets us to conform in the classrooms of our schools and the institutions we inevitably end up in as a consequence:

“All children are born geniuses. 9999 out of every 10,000 are swiftly, inadvertedly degeniused by grown-ups…”   - Buckminster Fuller


The third topic of discussion was Motivation; what it is and how we increase it. Motivation is essentially our inner drives that determine how we feel and how we act.

Motivation is a fire from within. If someone else tries to light that fire under you, chances are it will burn very briefly… Stephen R Covey.

Nurturing and growing our motivation comes from an ability to know ourselves and what our inner motivators are. In the world of work you will be motivated by a combination of factors relating to Relationships, Achievements and Growth. It is about knowing which of these motivate you and choosing to develop you genius based on your inner drives.

The talk finished with a number of opportunities to follow up on what was learned, these being:

-          Buy a copy of the bestselling book ‘Stop Doing, Start Leading’

-          Complete a Motivational Maps on-line Assessment with an optional 1-2-1 with Sue

-          Developing your own authentic leadership brand/confident leader online course

-          And the above course plus a 1-2-1 one hour coaching session with Sue

The details for all these will be criculated to attandees at some point in the near future! 

We are keen that all attendees have genuine follow-up activities that they can partake in if anything resonates with them during a breakfast briefing event this year with JCI. So if you want to get in touch with Sue to talk about any of the following or think she can help in your organisation please don’t hesitate to get in touch:

Thanks once again go to Sue for giving up her time to deliver the talk to JCI this morning. The feedback we have received has been exceptional!

Our next breakfast event is an ‘Empowering Women’ panel discussion in celebration of International Women’s Day on the 8th March. This will be held at Menagerie usual time. Link on Fatsoma soon!   

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5th Feb, 2017

JCI Manchester Chooses Mancunian Way as nominated charity for 2017
by Simon Anderson on February 5, 2017 19:48


JCI Manchester chooses Mancunian Way as it’s nominated charity

Each year JCI Manchester chooses to support a worthy cause or charity through the running of the charity event programme. In previous years we have supported the likes of Francis House, Forever Manchester and more recently Challenge4Change, Action Against Hunger and MedEquip4Kids.

This year is no different and after being put to a board member vote, JCI Manchester have elected to support Mancunian Way.

Mancunian Way was ‘born out of the ashes of the riots in 2011’ and rose to fill the gaps left in service by the council and police in terms of reducing anti-social behaviour amongst disenfranchised young people. They run many projects and services for young people across Manchester and have dedicated outreach teams which work on the streets where anti-social behaviour is rife and there is a heightened risk that young people will be involved in risky behaviour.

The project supports 1000s of young people a year. By way of example they have helped educate 100s of young people, supported them into employment and rescued a number of individuals from serious sexual abuse. They have young ambassador and leadership programmes and run various community initiatives in film arts and sporting projects.

We are unbelievably excited to be supporting such a worthy charity, one that is Mancunian through and through, and one that will hopefully give all members a chance to get a bit more hands on with support.

Our first charity event in support of Mancunian Way is ‘THE YOUNGER GAMES’ on the 23rd February at Revolution Parsonage Gardens 6-9pm. A night of interactive networking activity designed to get you talking to people you don’t know! Nothing too cringe, we promise! You can book your tickets here >>> 

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27th Nov, 2016

JCI UK National Convention
by Bethany Livesey on November 27, 2016 17:16


It's hard to summarise a full weekend in a few words, fun, eye-opening, enlightening, entertaining are just a few words that come to mind. Let's give it a go in a little more detail.

This weekend, we held the JCI UK national conference, here in Manchester. Oranised by three superb women (all ex-JCI Manchester presidents) it was iinevitably going to be good. Chaired by 2015 president Kim Holden, the JCI UK team and chambers were invited to Manchester for an action packed weekend. 

The weekend included training sessions, discussions, celebrations and expert speakers. It was a weekend to celebrate all the hard work from across the UK in 2016 and a weekend to learn more about how JCI can progress and continue to grow.

Friday kicked off with public speaking, debating, TOPY awards and a Friday 'Manchester' themed social! Huge congratulations to everyone who took part, everyone looked fab. The winner was 'Wonderwall Woman' Lesley Young!

Lesley Young

Saturday kicked off with our morning panel session of Rich Jones, Nicky Lidbetter and Sam Jones who shared their candid and thought provoking stories on mental health along with Jen Smith and Ilona Alcock. A discussion we will continue into 2017 and onward, the importance of which is only ever increasing. 

Whilst the senators took a brewery tour and explored Manchester we continued with Marc Yaffe who each chaired a Q&As with Quinton Fortune. Who provided a superb insight into his live and passion. As you can imagine, we loved some of the stories from OT from Quinton and his optimistic view of life and humility.


In the afternoon we hosted David Weir as he was questioned on everything from his favourite medal to his dream of leaving a true legacy in sport for the future generation. David is a shining example of how you can pave the way for future generations by setting a superb example, something we hugely support here at JCI Manchester and nationally with JCI UK. 

The hotly anticipated debating competition rounded off the afternoon with a JCI Sheffield Vs JCI Manchester final - huge congratulations to winners Sheffield! It's the first time we have entered in Manchester and we could not be prouder of our ladies getting to the final! 

Following an action packed day we attended the JCI UK gala dinner in celebration of the huge success of all chambers in 2016, and guess what?!? WE WON! Yes, JCI Manchester won six national awards on Saturday.

We are thrilled and were up against some tough competition from across the UK after a brilliant year. Our awards included recognition for the MYTAs, charity work (inc 3 peaks), marketing activity and personal development programmes. Special well done to Paul for recognition as 'Best Local President' and member Rachael Shah who was named 'Best Speaker' in the debating final! 

Congratulation especially to JCI London who scooped eight awards! Eight! Paul struggled with our five! We are truly thrilled, and our awards go to everyone in the last 67 years of JCI Manchester. Without you, espcieally the teams from the last 7 years, we wouldn't be able to build on your work. It's through continued focus on the example you set that JCI MCR continues to grow and thrive!  (Full list of winners and photos to follow). 

paul widger


Sarurday was rounded off with a superb speech from 2016 national president Sarah Beckwith who then welcomed Michael Steel as incoming 2017 president. We can't wait to see what the 2017 team has in store for the UK chambers and look forward to the National Convention in Southampton in 2017. 

sarah & michael


Thanks to everyone who joined us for the weekend and to Kim, Caroline & Jen for organising a great event, we hoped you enjoyed it as much as we did!  

JCI offers so much in terms of personal development, meeting new people and having a bit of fun along the way. Having personally gained so much from being on the board in 2015 and 2016 I look forward to seeing what the new team in 2017 have to offer. I cannot encourage you enough to get involved. There's plenty of scope on the board to get involved (see previous blog) and Simon will do a wonderful job in 2017!

Thanks for reading, sharing and engaging with my rambles for the last two years! Let's bring 2016 to an end with a great event @ London Road Fire station! 

Best wishes, 

Beth x

Marketing Director, JCI Manchester 

*More images from the JCIUK NC will follow on our facebook page.* 

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24th Oct, 2016

Creating Team 2017
by Paul Widger on October 24, 2016 11:53


The JCI Manchester AGM - Join us in 2017!

JCI Manchester has called its 2016 Annual General Meeting at 6pm on Monday 19 December.  It's very much an event in itself.  The great and the good of JCI Manchester - past and present - come together to review and celebrate the year coming to a close; to elect the next year's board; and, this year, to vote on a new constitution (see below).  Afterwards, we'll head for celebratory drinks and food.

We are seeking applicants for the following roles in 2017:

  • President
  • Deputy President  (to support the President, and plan for taking over as President 2018)
  • Finance & Administration Director  (to handle the cash and process invoices & expenses)
  • Business & Training Director  (to organise our Breakfast Briefings and other business events)
  • Charity Director  (to organise our fundraising events and liaise with charity partners)
  • Challenge Director  (to organise one or more active fundraising challenges)
  • Social Director  (to organise our evening social events)
  • Membership Director  (to support our existing individual & corporate members and seek new memberships)
  • Marketing Director  (to manage our member communications, PR and social media)
  • National & International Liaison Director  (to promote and organise national and international JCI events, include a weekend visit from our twin chamber, JCI Cork)
  • Sponsorship Director  (to secure sponsorship arrangements for any of JCI's programmes)

We are able to have multiple people appointed to share each role (except President and Deputy).

We are also seeking a number of people to join us in a less formal capacity, to help with certain projects, such as:

  • Supporting any of the above director roles (eg assistant Marketing Director or Membership Director)
  • Managing our Public Speaking Workshops series
  • Promoting our blood donation project
  • Helping with our Manchester Young Talent Awards programme and dinner
  • Other support and project roles

You must be a member of JCI Manchester to apply for any role.

If you'd like to chat to us about any of these roles, please contact 2016 President Paul or our candidate for President 2017, Simon Anderson.

We mentioned the constitution...  JCI Manchester is a voluntary organisation belonging to and run by its members, and governed by a constitution.  We fall under "JCI United Kingdom" and, indeed, the worldwide Junior Chamber International movement.  JCI UK recently made some changes to its constitution, and we thought it was a good opportunity to revise our own.  Therefore, here is a link to a proposed JCI Manchester constitution, that we will be voting on at the December 2016 AGM.

Draft Constitution

The AGM is for all members of JCI Manchester (and open to other spectators).  We will email all members at least 21 days beforehand with formal notice.  Please contact Paul for any further details.


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8th Aug, 2016

Nomination deadline 2nd September!
by Bethany Livesey on August 8, 2016 10:53


myta IMAGES » MYTA2016-JPG.jpg

It’s rare that we get the opportunity to take a look at our team and show genuine appreciation for our superstars. Every workplace has them, those people that go above and beyond the call of duty. That arrive before 9am and are the last to leave in the evening. That are answering emails at weekends even when specifically instructed not to, and all for the good of a company, firm, organisation that they work with. They unknowingly form an irreplaceable cog in the organisational machine and inspire those around them through their dedication and hard work.

It was for this reason that JCI Manchester started its flag ship event, the Manchester Young Talent Awards some 7 years ago; to give businesses the chance to publicly show their appreciation for those superstars that make such a huge contribution to the running of their organisation.

Nominations are now officially open for you to nominate one of your team for the following awards:

-       Most Promising Young Person in Manchester (Rising star award)

-       Entrepreneur of the Year

-       Finance Professional of the Year

-       Legal Professional of the Year

-       Talent & Recruiter of the Year

-       Marketing/PR Professional of the Year

-       Digital, Media or Creative Professional of the Year

-       Property Professional of the Year

-       Team of the Year

-       And the new category for this year; Hospitality Professional of the Year

Each year we get a high number of nominations in each of the categories, and each year the judges comments on the quality of these nominations which is testimony to the quality of Manchester workforces. Each year the prestige attached to one of these awards grows and grows and people are coming to realise that it is 100% something worth going for, both in terms of their own profile and career progression and also in terms of their inner sense of pride in what they have achieved!  

But these aren’t the only reasons you should choose to nominate either yourself or a member of your team. Apart from the fact that a well performing member of your team gains some long overdue recognition and that there is the prestige attached to winning such an award; why else would you consider nominating someone?

Well firstly, its free publicity! Even if you don’t make the short list your nomination will be carefully considered by a panel of judges who may previously have never even known you or your company existed! And, the selection of judges this year is as good as it’s ever been, including;

-       Adrian Anderson – Partner and Head of Corporate and Commercial Law at Ralli Solicitors,

-       Paul Kenyon – Co-Founder and Co-CEO of Avecto Ltd, one of the UK’s fastest growing software company year on year,

-       James Hitchens, Owner of Neighbourhood Bar and Restaurant;

-       Mel Kirk, Founder and Owner of Pulsar Healthcare, a communications company recognised as one of the leading marketing agencies within their healthcare niche; and

-       Sarah Beckwith, JCI UK National President

That’s a good group of faces for you to shove your career merits in front of. Who knows what kinds of opportunities could open themselves up to you if the judges see them and are impressed.

Better still, If you end up making the shortlist for your category, your name will be publicly displayed on a number of occasions, both in the lead up to the awards ceremony via printed and social media outlets and on the award night itself, putting your individual/company profile in the faces of all the attendees and anyone who may read about it. It then goes without saying that the winners get more profiling still!    

Secondly, it demonstrates an appreciative company culture. Dale Carnegie in his book ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’ states that this is one of the most important principles in creating a workforce that actually want to work for you rather than just turn up and do the job each day for the pay check at the end of the month! Show them some genuine appreciation. Nothing says genuine appreciation like taking the time out of your day to fill out a nomination form for one of your employees who you believe has excelled and is worthy of an award.    

Finally, the evening itself is absolutely fantastic (even if we do say so ourselves). Every year the MYTA’s bar is raised in terms of the quality of the event. The band always plays a large variety of certified bangers and the drink flows freely! It’s 100% free to nominate so it really is a case of nothing to lose, everything to gain.

So start thinking about making a difference to someone’s year and nominate them for one of our prestigious MYTA awards. Nominations close on the 2nd September, so get nominating! For help and assistance with nominations contact Simon Anderson at


JCI Manchester MYTA Team 

Nominate HERE. 

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27th Jul, 2016

How we became an award-winning chamber
by Paul Widger on July 27, 2016 15:15


We’re owed a good news story.  One that demonstrates how we love and unite with Europe, even outside the EU.

Three JCI Manchester members recently travelled to Tampere, Finland, to join 2,000 other JCI members for the European Convention.

It was a packed few days, meeting new friends, creating new ideas and sipping new award-winning gins.  We drew great value from the workshops, the high-profile speakers and, yes, even the pricey Scandinavian drinks!

The highlights for Manchester were winning a European award for our efforts in growing the chamber, and our member Ilona Alcock coming a narrow second in the European public speaking competition with two show-stopping speeches.

How did we earn our award?  I knew you’d ask.  I joined JCI Manchester in 2010, when there were only a handful of members.  Now our events are sell-outs.

It’s right to consider that six-year timeframe, because that’s the key to growing our chamber.  It took a few years: various teams but an unbroken campaign.

Before we could build our brand, we had to ensure that our events were of high quality, advertised well in advance, and hardly ever cancelled.  We managed to attract good board members (competent, proactive and already well-networked) with the challenge of growing a chamber.

Our young talent awards are now in their seventh year and have been terrific in raising brand awareness and media coverage.  Our themed socials have always been popular: great for networking, and they get people through the doors, to be introduced to our personal development and charity projects.

Then came our brand growth.  Social media helped (mainly Twitter for us) but the most powerful tool remains human contact.  A good reputation for events travelled out by word of mouth, and we were successful at engaging corporate partners from Manchester’s young professionals community, keen to extend their networks.

Our final tips if you’re trying to grow an enterprise (with hardly any budget!):

  1. Get some training on how to write press releases.  (JCI ran a seminar on this last year.)  A good press release has to be succinct, open with key details, and then tell a good story.  Include quotes.

  2. Blitz the free media – blogs, Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook.  Keep it on brand, but also fresh, punchy, personal and interesting.  Otherwise it’ll get lost in the noise.

  3. Make your own luck.  Get to events where your ideal customers would be.  Talk to everyone, positively and helpfully.  Before long you’ll be in the right place at the right time.

  4. Nurture any media contacts.  They love to be invited places for free!

  5. Surround yourself with good people.  People who want to muck in.  Point them at what makes them passionate – everything else can be learnt.

So our growth has been a long-term project.  And it’s taken effort.  But I’ve developed so much on that journey, made friends all over the UK and internationally, and capped it all off with a European award.  Plenty to blow away the news blues.

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18th Jun, 2016

JCI Manchester – EL ‘3’ PEAKY BLINDERS
by Bethany Livesey on June 18, 2016 19:25


JCI Manchester – EL ‘3’ PEAKY BLINDERS 

Training now complete, The JCI Manchester ‘3 Peaky Blinders are looking forward to completing the their 3 Peaks Challenge over the weekend of the 25/26th June in aid of Anxiety UK, a Manchester based charity that helps sufferers of anxiety. Training has been HARD. Blood, sweat and tears have all been shed in locations such as; Mam-Tor, Helvelyn, Snowdon and Scafell Pike so the participants could not be more than ready to take on the 3 highest peaks in our country in the 24 hour period permitted; Ben Nevis (1344m), Scafell Pike (978m) and Snowdon (1085m).  

So let’s meet the team… 

Name: James AImagelcock 

Occupation: Digital Bricklayer 

Nickname for 3 Peaks weekendEl Donkey 

What you're most looking forward to about challenge: The Views 

What's you're least looking forward to about the challenge: Travel Time 

In general life, where is someone most likely to find you and what are you doing there? If not behind my desk coding some awesome software, then bareback horse riding and bull fighting.  


Name: Natalie Ballard 

Occupation: Civil Servant 
Nickname for 3 Peaks weekendEl Rapido  

What you're most looking forward to about challenge: The sense of achievement and team spirit throughout it 
What you're least looking forward to about the challenge: Knee pain on the way down!  
In general life, where is someone most likely to find you and what are you doing there? Either running around south Manchester or in a bar drinking cider  


ImageName: Paul Widger 

Occupation: Forensic Accountant 

Nickname for 3 Peaks weekend: El Presidente 

What you're most looking forward to about challenge:  Seeing people push themselves and come together as a team 

What's you're least looking forward to about the challenge:  Going to JCI Glasgow on Friday night and having to limit the revelries! 

In general life, where is someone most likely to find you and what are you doing there?  Falling asleep hugging a spreadsheet 


ImageName: Matt Newton 

Occupation: Teacher 

Nickname for 3 Peaks weekend: El comodí 

What you're most looking forward to about challenge: The cameraderie, the scenery, and the final, glorious pint! 

What's you're least looking forward to about the challenge: The smell on the bus after running down snowdon. 

In general life, where is someone most likely to find you and what are you doing there? MAMILing around on my bike, hunting for the perfect pint whilst constructing silly puns. 


Name: Ellen Walker 


Occupation: Solicitor 

Nickname for 3 Peaks weekend: El Rambo  

What you're most looking forward to about challenge: The views from the top of each peak, the amazing company of my fellow Peaky Blinders and of course knowing that I am raising money for such a worthwhile cause. 
What's you're least looking forward to about the challenge: The inevitable blisters and the bus journey - I am not a good traveller.  
In general life, where is someone most likely to find you and what are you doing there? Most likely in a bar with friends drinking gin– sadly, not doing exercise!  


ImageName: Philip Cockayne 

Occupation: Management Consultant and 

Chairman of the Yorkshire Group of Junior Chambers (JCI) 

Nickname for 3 Peaks weekend: El Explorador  

What you're most looking forward to about challenge: the sense of achievement that comes from doing it in under 24 hours and finally doing something I've been threatening to do for years. 

What's you're least looking forward to about the challenge: actually doing it in under 24 hours! And the blisters! 

In general life, where is someone most likely to find you and  

what are you doing there: If I'm not doing Junior Chamber stuff or other volunteer work you'll either find me out on a run, at the climbing gym, in a local bar with friends or playing my guitar 


Name: Ilona Alcock 

ImageOccupation: Employer Liaison Consultant  

Nickname for 3 Peaks weekend: El Tigre  

What you're most looking forward to about challenge: The scenery and the company - 24 hours with 12 JCI people and 3 of the most stunning mountains in the UK? Perfect weekend. And I'd be lying if I said I wasn't also VERY excited about catching up with JCI Glasgow on the Friday night!  

What's you're least looking forward to about the challenge: Lack of sleep! I get quite grumpy without my full eight hours (you have been warned).  

In general life, where is someone most likely to find you and what are you doing there? Either out running round Wigan in training for some crazy race (next up, North Yorkshire Coast Marathon) or curled up on the sofa with my cat and a good book.  


ImageName: Janey Leonard-Myers  

Occupation: Marketing / Business Development Guru  

Nickname for 3 Peaks weekend: El Gambas  

What you're most looking forward to about challenge: Looking forward to all the top mountain BANTER!!!! 

What's you're least looking forward to about the challenge: Losing a toenail  

In general life, where is someone most likely to find you and what are you doing there? Most likely to find me in a park with a pack of sausage dogs trotting behind me like the pied piper of Manchester. 


Name: Chris Henry  

Occupation: Technical Project Manager  

Nickname for 3 Peaks weekend: El Guapo (from classic 80s comedy film The Three Amigos!)  

What you're most looking forward to about challenge: Meeting everyone, finishing within 24hrs. 

What's you're least looking forward to about the challenge: Dodgy Weather 

In general life, where is someone most likely to find you and what are you doing there? Cycling or at a JCI event 

ImageName: Simon Anderson  

Occupation: Personal Trainer  

Nickname for 3 Peaks weekend: El Capitan  

What you're most looking forward to about challenge: Night out with JCI Glasgow before the Challenge and the Coming Home party in Dive Bar after the challenge.  

What's you're least looking forward to about the challenge: Potential Travel Sickness 
In general life, where is someone most likely to find you and what are you doing there? Round someone's house making them sweat.  

Name: Ioan Stefan Mesaros  

Occupation: Judo Assassin  

GetAttachmentThumbnail.jpgNickname for 3 Peaks weekend: El-Usive  

What you're most looking forward to about challenge: Meeting everyone for the first time  
What you're least looking forward to about the challenge: The potentially awkward atmosphere in the mini-bus post EU referendum.  
In general life, where is someone most likely to find you and what are you doing there? Wandering round Glen Ridding car park trying to find people.  



Name: Lucy Onyett 


Occupation: Supply Chain Management Trainee 


Nickname for 3 Peaks weekend: El Trek Bar 


What you're most looking forward to about challenge: The Views and Random topics of conversation  

What you're least looking forward to about the challenge: Dead Legs after the walk 
In general life, where is someone most likely to find you and what are you doing there: Anywhere there is food – a café, a supermarket/restaurant or in my kitchen cooking!  


So there you have it, your JCI Manchester ‘3 Peaky Blinders’ – Our target is £2000 so please donate what you can to the following link – 

We will also be hosting a coming home party at Dive Bar in the Northern Quarter from 8-11pm so if you’re around please come join us in welcoming our heroes home. 

Wish us luck!  
JCI Manchester 3 Peaks Team 2016 – El 3 Peaky Blinders 

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1st Jun, 2016

JCI Manchester Take the MYTAs to the Next Level
by Bethany Livesey on June 1, 2016 13:03


Blog » Press » Hospitality launch.png

JCI Manchester, is set to launch a new award category to celebrate Manchester’s thriving hospitality scene.  The Manchester Young Talent Awards, hosted by the group, are back for a seventh year and are giving the growing industry a chance to line up against the best talent in Manchester.

The group has seen a marked increase in involvement of the industry and JCI will recognise the outstanding efforts across the sector.

JCI Manchester 2016 President, Paul Widger said

“We are really excited to launch the new award. We regularly work with the sector to host the events and the talent and focus of individuals is exceptional. The Manchester Young Talent Awards seek to recognise the passion and growth of this sector.

Each year we are blown away by the level of the applications and by the support of Manchester’s business community.  Both elements show that Manchester embraces its own talent and has a great desire to celebrate the achievements of its up-and-coming stars.  It also demonstrates that JCI Manchester is at the forefront of leading the charge on showcasing (not just to Manchester but nationally) that Manchester has talent – big talent!

“The level of talent we have showcased in the past has gone on to bigger and better things and have thanked JCI Manchester for the stepping stone along the way.  We shouldn’t forget the value of external recognition in kindling the self-belief of even our greatest talent.”

The awards have grown each year, receiving a record number of nominations in 2015. They recognise professionals across sectors and last year featured winners from Sequre, MCFC, theEWord, JMW, Gresham Wealth, Capital Properties, Benchmark International, Instinct Resourcing and Ampersand Commerce.

Nominations are now open, as of 1st June 2016, and will recognise up to eleven outstanding individuals between the ages of 18 and 40 who exemplify the best attributes of Manchester's young people. JCI Manchester will present the Young Talent Awards for 2016 at a packed Awards Dinner on 17th November at the Imperial War Museum Manchester.

Winners will be selected by a panel of independent judges who are respected members of the Manchester business/professional community. The deadline for entries is 1st September with the shortlist being announced shortly afterwards.


To register for more information about the MYTA including how to enter, nomination criteria and tickets visit

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