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12th Aug, 2014

What's coming up for Forever Manchester and how you can take part!
by Caroline McCarron on August 12, 2014 15:34


JCI Manchester are always trying to support our charities where we can so we are looking for volunteers for upcoming events!

take a look below and if you would like to take part in any of them then please get in touch!

If you are already involved with any of the events below then let us know!


We would love to hear from you!


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12th Aug, 2014

JCI Manchester hits the Net for Forever Manchester!
by Caroline McCarron on August 12, 2014 15:27



Netball challenge raises much needed charity funds



Nine teams, including seven Manchester law firms, battled it out in the JCI (Junior Chamber of Commerce) Manchester's inaugural round robin style Charity Netball Tournament that was held last Saturday at Wright Robinson College in Gorton. In total, the Tournament raised a terrific £737 for Francis House Children's Hospice and Forever Manchester, JCI Manchester's two chosen charities for 2014.  

Blog » Community projects » Netball 1 sml.jpg

TEAM BOND - Winners of the first JCI Netball Tournament

Before the Tournament, Simon Anderson from Pro Fit 21 provided a much needed warm up session for the girls before a ball was passed in anger.

Blog » Community projects » Netball sml 3.jpg

After several tough matches the semi-finals were between; Irwin Mitchell, Pannone part

A raffle and a tuck shop on the day helped raise further funds for our two chosen charities. of Slater & Gordon, Team Bond and Team Chaos (both from Sheffield). The finale saw Pannone part of Slater & Gordon and Team Bond go head to head with the visitors from Sheffield being the victorious team who took away the winner's trophy.


Charity Director for JCI Manchester, Lynsey Robinson, who organised the charity event said, "It was hot and dirty out there, but it was a lot of fun and we managed to raise much needed funds for these two great causes."





Lynsey Robinson on: 0161 909 4947



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12th Aug, 2014

Vice President Kim Skydives for Forever Manchester
by Caroline McCarron on August 12, 2014 15:12


Blog » Community projects » Kim Skydive sml.jpg

So around March 2014 I, foolishly, agreed to take part in a charity Sky Dive, along with many others from the Manchester business community, organised by one of chosen charities, Forever Manchester


The timing of my decision to take part may have been influenced by the great old milestone of turning 30 and my sudden concern to evaluate what I had achieved in my 30 years on earth. Once the decision was made and I had 'signed on the dotted line' I soon forgot about this silly Sky Dive escapade and moved on with life as normal.

As the big day fast approached it finally dawned on me that I should start to take this seriously and I began to spread the word and raise sponsorship. The inevitable jokes and jibes then followed and I began to worry.

On 5th July I arrived at the Black Knights Parachute Centre at 9.15 am, 45 minutes early! I didn't want to be late and add to my anxiety, so I set off extra early. This was to my detriment as it just added to my waiting time and sent my nerves through the roof. Slowly the rest of my group arrived, including friend and JCI Manchester member, Nikki Elliot, who was surprisingly relaxed. We all then completed the paperwork, literally signing our lives away should anything go wrong, and went through to receive our briefing and very dashing outfit.

We met our instructors who we would be in tandem with and were further separated into smaller groups. Unluckily for me I was in the final group, which meant a further nerve raking wait. I did, however, see all my fellow jumpers land safely with huge smiles on their faces.
At 12.45 pm I was at last called up to board the plane. I walked along the grassy runway waving to the supporting spectators. This time I was in luck and was positioned in the plane so that I was to be the first to jump. The flight to 11,000 feet lasted only a few minutes yet seemed far far longer. The landscape across Lancashire was amazing with Heysham, the village I grew up in before my move to Manchester, in easy view.
I had always wanted to do a Sky Dive as I've always been a bit of a 'dare devil' but I really hadn't anticipated that this moment would be quite so scary. The door then opened and my instructor, Chris, shouted to me to get up and move towards the door. It all happened so quickly, I tilted my head back and tucked my legs under the edge of the plane as we had been shown and before I knew I was thrown out of the plane into freefall. The freefall was by far the best part of the skydive for me and a feeling which was so exhilarating and wonderful. This lasted approximately 30 seconds before the parachute was deployed. The decent to the ground was then a much more calming experience as you had opportunity to take in the view and almost relax. We then gently touched ground and a wave of relief flooded over me, I had done it!
This experience will stay with me forever and is something everyone should experience. It certainly is something to put on the Bucket List.

Even though I enjoyed the experience and wouldn't change it, I don't have the desire to repeat it. Skydiving is a hobby reserved for those far braver than me.
What a great way to raise the much needed funds for such a great charity, something I can now add to my achievements before the ripe old age of 31!

Donations to this great cause can be made here

Kim Holden,

Vice President JCI Manchester


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1st Aug, 2014

by Caroline McCarron on August 1, 2014 11:24


JCI Manchester are doing their Bit by hosting a Mexican Style Summer Social in aid of our two Local Charities! Francis House & Forever Manchester.


Francis House have launched a fantastic idea.  Ha ve a barbeque and ask your guests to donate a little something such as the price of a sausage to Francis House!

See poster below for details.


If you would like to donate to any of our charities then you can do so here


Francis House

Forever Manchester


Blog » Community projects » FH Big BBQ.JPG


If you would ike to come along to our Summer and Spice Social then click here!

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21st May, 2013

Chosen Charities
by Kleon West on May 21, 2013 20:45


Every year JCI Manchester is proud to give something back to the community by supporting a local Manchester-based charity. This year, we've decided to do things a little differently, by supporting 2 charities for 2013 and 2014. We are very excited to announce that our supported charities for this year and next, will be Francis House Children's Hospice based in Didsbury and Forever Manchester, a community based charity based in central Manchester.

Francis House Children's Hospice is a wonderful local charity providing a home away from home for families of children and young people with life threatening or life limiting conditions. Francis House provides children and young people with care and families with support, dispelling the traditional notion of a hospice by providing a place of rest, fun, comfort and enjoyment.

Forever Manchester is a community based charity providing 'Charity the Mancunian Way' through its dedication to strengthening communities, creating opportunities for local people and tackling issues of disadvantage and exclusion.

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