Get involved Nationally

If you enjoy getting involved at a local level, why not put yourself forward to join a national project team or the national board? The national board comprises experienced members from across the UK. Its purpose is to support local chambers and members and act as a channel between the international and local parts of JCI.

To be active in JCI UK's national board means you can make a difference

Joining as a national board member offers an opportunity to get to know more about how JCI UK works and discover new opportunities and challenges, work with the local presidents and make sure the national organisation gives the best support it can give to the local member organisations.

The next rung is Deputy National President. You will go to the prestigious Japan Academy and become a Global Networker. You will also work with the local deputies and plan for the year ahead. 

It’s at the level of National President that the international politics starts showing up. As National President, you represent your country internationally. There are lots of opportunities to travel and meet people. If you do a good job, you may be encouraged to move higher still – to the international level.

Read more about the roles on JCI UK National Board.

In particular, it has given me the leadership skills that I need to take my career forward – learning to motivate and lead a team on a voluntary basis enabled me to be much more effective at work.

Kay Croot, National President JCI UK 2001
Commercial Director, Boots

All JCI members have the chance to get involved on an international level. Read more about all opportunities in JCI here.