How to Leverage your Potential

How to Leverage your Potential

April 8, 2020 5:09 pm Published by 1 Comment

Our first online Breakfast Briefing with Martin Murphy on ‘Optimising your Leadership Potential’ was a great success with members and non-members joining from around the UK and Europe. Martin is an international leadership and elite team coach. During the session Martin used his experience as a coach to educate us on how you can achieve your full potential as a leader. 

3 principles of leadership

  1. People
  2. Lifecycles
  3. Discovery

As a leader you need to understand the different types of mindsets and personality traits so you can effectively inspire, motivate and communicate with the people in your team and networks. 

There are different leadership styles and knowing yours will also help you understand where you can make the biggest impact by playing to your strengths. Self-awareness of your thoughts and feelings helps you understand and empathise with others. 

A true leader has a full package of strengths which include:


  • Problem solving
  • Being results focused
  • Supportive
  • Be able to see multiple perspectives


Mountain of Value

It’s important to take time to determine and understand your value and worth as there is only one you. Your stories, personality and strengths are what make up your mountain of value. Don’t get distracted by focusing on others and social media. Embrace your value and learn to leverage that value to achieve your goals.  

Idealistic Realist

Want to create a better world for all, but be realistic about the challenges ahead. Create a Mission PACT. Decide on your Mission, know why that is important. See into the future and the challenges you will undoubtedly face, accept the journey will be tough but be committed to overcoming them. The mountain is move by first picking up the first stone, get to it.

Throughout our lives there will be challenges and whilst it’s important we use our support networks for guidance during these times it’s important not to allow yourself to view yourself as a victim. 

You need to learn to overcome challenges and build your resilience muscles. Keep the power with yourself and don’t wait for a rescuer. If your life is easy, go out and find a challenge as it is through challenges that we grow through a process known as post-traumatic growth. 

There are three core skills:

  1. Make great decisions.
  2. Be creatively brilliant.
  3. Collaborate powerfully.

We collaborated our way to the top of the evolutionary tree not competed. Learn how to collaborate powerfully so that you can make great decisions collectively and as a result be creatively brilliant.  

Lead out potential in any situation by evaluating your situation, deciding on a strategy, understanding the impacts of a course of action, then complete the plan and evaluate the results immediately. Then repeat as this is the journey of a life worth living.  

Martin ended the session by taking us through a few slides about self-leadership through challenging times which was very helpful with the current situation. You can see the presentation and get in touch with Martin here.

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