How to support yourself and others

How to support yourself and others

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During these times of uncertainty it’s important to take time for yourself to take care and ensure you’re supporting yourself and those around you. Our panel event featured Paige Hughes, Joe Averill and Naomi Timperley who offered their insights into how the Coronavirus has affected their lives and businesses, and their tips on making the most out of the situation. 

Adjusting to life in isolation 

Whilst the lack of face to face can be a struggle it’s also never been easier to get in touch with people. Applications like Zoom, WhatsApp and Google Drive are helping businesses to carry on working remotely. Naomi mentioned that she was pleased to see that companies have quickly adapted to change the way they work and by doing so they can benefit. 

Tips for furlough life 

Like many during this time Paige has recently been furloughed, though she also added she feels fortunate that she will have a job to go back to at the end of this and privileged to have a safe home and her health. Her top tips for those who have been furloughed are:

  • Keep in touch with your employer. Many are offering counselling and it’s important not to feel on your own. 
  • Lean into areas of joy without feeling guilt. We’re all making sacrifices during this time, so treat yourself to things that bring you joy. 
  • Keep structure and space out your tasks in order to give yourself a reason to get out of bed. 
  • Take time to switch off the news and social media to detox your mind. 
  • See it as an opportunity to take time to reflect on your life choices to ensure you’re making the right ones for you. 

Developing ourselves through the crisis

There are lots of training opportunities available, Naomi even highlighted that some courses are heavily discounted right now. This is also a time to reach out to mentors and access online advice which can help you with your business skills. Something which Joe is finding useful after recently launching his new business. 

However, whilst there are lots of opportunities available it is important to do what is best for you. If you feel like you need to take some time to just enjoy the break if you have been given, then do that. Paige highlighted the importance of this and mentioned she’s trying to use her time to be helpful around the house as her partner is working to support communities through covid-19and also using the time to learn to roller skate (whilst proudly showing off her retro baby pink skates). 

Naomi mentioned that like many she is having good and bad days, and you don’t need to be putting enormous amounts of pressure on yourself to do way too much. Use the situation to appreciate what you have, think about how you want to be remembered and make your choices based on that. 

The power of the Manchester community

All our panellists touched on how important it is that Manchester businesses and individuals come together in this time of need. Whether that is making personal recommendations for job vacancies and work projects, or donating time and money to local charities working in the community. It’s really special to see people working together and as Joe said “It’s the businesses which pull together, that will be remembered on the other side”. 

The event was a great way to hear the different perspectives and that COVID-19 has been a turning point in bringing people together. Our next event is on 14th May and featuring Vikas Shah sharing his tips on speaking about a topic which you care and know about to an audience. Find out more and sign up here

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