G&T Night with JCI Cork – Getting to know the JCI Ireland National President Ronan Neacy

G&T Night with JCI Cork – Getting to know the JCI Ireland National President Ronan Neacy

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As part of getting to know our JCI neighbours more I had the pleasure of attending JCI’s Cork G&T night (it wasn’t just the G&T that drew me in I promise).

Hosted by Melanie and Eileen from JCI Cork (Current President and Immediate Past President’s) the group got to learn about Ronan’s JCI Journey and my it has certainly been craic. Starting in JCI Galway, he moved with work to Dublin where later he joined the chamber there and worked up to become JCI Dublin’s president. After going on assuming roles nationally in JCI Ireland he now stands as JCI Ireland’s National President 2020. Asked about his favourite roles in JCI the highlight was certainly the community and events – creating activities that really get members together and talking.

One of the highlights of the journey is the people you meet, not only in your chamber, but also in the global JCI community. His first international event was World Congress in Rio, such an awesome place to start; sun, sea, incredible nightlife and the JCI family! But the highlight for him was the European academy. Another level involving group and self-development it solidified both confidence but also cemented friendships and global connections – a highlight of many a JCI members journey. To this day one of his favourite JCI chapters to work with (apart from the Tri-nations of course) is JCI Turkey.

With such a journey he does have a couple of notches under his belt including  a championship, having won the JCI World Championship Debating contest! How did he do it – well that would be telling, we do however look forward to inviting Ronan, Melanie and the JCI Cork team over to our own G&T night, so be prepared to find out then.

Bottom line – where ever you are in the world, likely there is a JCI chapter there – so don’t be afraid to reach out, connect to the great people there and raise another G&T to your JCI journey.

By Philip Carvil – International Liaison Director

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