Reflection, Resilience and Refocusing: How to flourish after lockdown

Reflection, Resilience and Refocusing: How to flourish after lockdown

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Date: 23/09/2020, Time: 6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Lockdown has been a difficult period for the workforce traditionally used to office-based working. Many of us evaluate a great deal of our self-worth in the context of our working lives and if you’ve been furloughed, you may have questioned that self-worth and wondered whether you have any discernible value to your employers. You may even have started to ask yourself if you’re capable of doing a job you once thrived in. On the flip side, for those used to being in an office, working from home may have had a negative impact as you struggle to separate your life out, and without the regular human contacts with colleagues, you may have struggled with feeling as though you have value beyond being a drone at a desk.

This Zoom workshop is designed to help acknowledge and move past the negative impacts that furlough and lockdown working has had on our emotional resilience and sense of confidence, and help you bolster your mental toolkit so that you can return to the workplace feeling re-energised and ready to move forward through Autumn 2020 and beyond.

Join our host, Melissa Murdock, one half of the hit podcast series The Imposters Club, as she leads this Zoom workshop that seeks to help rebuild your sense of self through a series of exercises based around reflection on work, reviewing and understanding your skill set. These exercises will also help you to start making a considered plan for the future and feel focussed on your goals.

This workshop will benefit anyone on furlough looking to regain a sense of self when viewed through the lens of the workplace, as well as those who’ve been working throughout lockdown and want to interrogate their present and future.

About Melissa:

Melissa is a creative management expert with particular interest in delivering social impact outcomes. She currently works at London’s Roundhouse Theatre as Senior Programme Manager, where she manages empowerment programmes and events for entrepreneurs and freelancers.

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